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    • Send ideas for university news stories and features for consideration at least three weeks in advance of possible publication.
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    • Topics can include (but are not limited to):
      • New grants awarded to faculty and staff;
      • Fundraising activities to support student activities or scholarships, or community organizations;
      • Final results from initiatives, such as amount raised;
      • Upcoming events on campus of broad interest to faculty and staff;
      • Deadlines for faculty and staff to register to participate in campus activities or submit awards nominations;
      • General campus news.
    • Submit news briefs by 10 a.m. Thursday the week before publication.
    • Include links to lengthier reports or associated university websites whenever possible.
    • Include the hometown, major and year at WCU of all students mentioned in the submission. To comply with federal privacy laws, students whose directory information does not appear in the public campus directory will not be named in the announcement without documented permission to be included in the announcement. Faculty and staff can forward an email from the student expressing permission to
    • Include the name, email address and phone number of a faculty or staff contact.
    • Only one brief about upcoming or recurring events will be published in The Reporter.
  • Achievements
    • Topics can include:
      • Winning an award;
      • An article or book published or accepted for publication;
      • Making an invited presentation.
    • Send achievements by 10 a.m. Thursday the week before publication.
  • Off the Clock
    • Share announcements of faculty and staff members’ achievements beyond their work at WCU
    • Submissions are requested by 10 a.m. Thursday the week before publication.


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To speak with other members of the WCU Office of Communications and Public Relations photo, video or news services/media relations teams, call the office at 828-227-7327 or  contact individual staff members.


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Commencement 2017


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