Spring Security Programs and Resources Available by Request

Faculty and staff members can see this interactive flyer for current Spring Programming that is available upon request.

These programs are part of the campus police department’s continued efforts to keep students, faculty, and staff informed and aware about issues around campus.  Each presentation runs approximately one hour and can be modified to fit into limited timeframes.

The newest program available, “Crime Prevention and Services” targets first and second year students and is perfect for classrooms.  This presentation covers topics including:

  • How to contact police/report a crime, hours, etc.
  • Important on & off Campus resources
  • Crime statistics
  • How to respond during an active shooter event
  • Risk reduction strategies
  • Drug and alcohol risk
  • CONSENT &  Sexual assault, Bystander Intervention, and Victim Services
    and Programming

If you prefer a concentration on a specific topic without the entire presentation, that can be accommodated.  Please see the attached flyer for other available presentations.


To request a program, please use the direct link below or the attached flyer.

Program Request Link

For more information about a program, please visit the programming website below:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Sgt. Jacob Deal by email or at 828.227.3207.

— Submitted by Sergeant Jacob Deal

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