Kossick lectures at international conference

Mark A. Kossick, professor of nursing and graduate anesthesia simulation coordinator at WCU’s Biltmore Park instructional site, lectured at the “Current Topics in Anesthesia” conference held in Clearwater Beach, Florida, in July.

Kossick’s lectures at the conference included “Foundational Concepts for Accurate EKG Interpretation,” “Understanding the Pros and Cons of Computerized ST Segment Analysis,” “12-Lead EKG Evidence of Myocardial Infarction,” “Diagnostic Criteria and Anesthetic Implications of Bundle Branch Blocks,” “Practice 12-Lead EKGs and EKG Rhythm Strips” and “EKG Lead Selection: Does it Matter?”

Seminar attendees included anesthesiologists, hospitalists, nurse anesthetists and advanced practice critical care nurses, with some participants attending from Saudi Arabia, Belgium and Canada.

The conference was sponsored by A. Webb Roberts Center for Continuing Medical Education of Baylor Health Care System in Dallas and Northwest Anesthesia Seminars in Pasco, Washington.

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