Lomotey attends presidential correspondents’ dinner

It isn’t often that a Western Carolina University professor is pictured in the fashion section of the Washington Post, but Kofi Lomotey recently added that distinction to his accomplishments.

Lomotey, the Bardo Distinguished Professor of Educational Leadership, was photographed by Post photographer April Greer while attending the White House correspondents’ dinner, and the photograph caught the eye of Maura Judkis, who wrote this caption for the Reliable Source column of the Post’s lifestyle section:

“Kofi Lomotey’s jacket, made of Ghanaian kente cloth, was custom-made in New York. Its blue motif was an unusual one: Usually, the fabric has a gold background, but the Western Carolina University professor was drawn to this pattern because blue is his favorite color. ‘I don’t get to wear it that often,’ he said.”

Lomotey said he was attending the event for the first time. “My sister-in-law, Chesley Maddox-Dorsey, is the CEO of Access One, a NYC-based company that owns several radio and TV stations. Access One has tables there every year,” he said. “The event generally conflicts with another annual event that I attend.”

Timing was a factor that made the event especially enjoyable for him. “It was quite fortuitous, as it was Barack Obama’s last correspondents’ dinner as commander-in-chief,” Lomotey said. “It also was my 39th wedding anniversary, and I was with my wife, Nahuja.”

Lomotey said he enjoyed meeting the celebrities attending the event. “I appreciated all of the stars – Whoopi Goldberg, Morgan Freeman, Larry Wilmore, Bernie Sanders and others – being willing to take pictures with me,” he said. Lomotey made certain that fellow attendees knew of his profession and employer.

“I appreciated the opportunity to talk with people about WCU – and to share my business cards,” he said.

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