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WCU wins ‘Battle of the Plug’ competition against ASU

Students living in Western Carolina University residence halls reduced their electrical usage by 8.1 percent to win the two-week 2016 “Battle of the Plug” energy conservation competition versus Appalachian State University.


Power consumption in the WCU residence halls for the competition period was 511 kilowatt-hours, compared to the baseline use of 556 kilowatt-hours.

In the WCU intramural campus competition, Albright-Benton Residence Hall emerged as WCU’s “Battle of the Plug” energy champion with a 48 percent reduction in energy usage. Norton and Walker residence halls came in second and third, respectively.

Appalachian State University actually increased its energy usage nearly 8 percent during the competition.

Two interns in WCU’s Office of Sustainability and Energy Management played integral roles during the competition, which was held Feb. 8-22, said Lauren Bishop, office director.

Undergraduate intern Joseph Guseman took care of promoting the competition on social media, read the electrical meters at WCU’s residence halls three times each week, and helped enter the competition data. Graduate intern Terry Chavis was in charge of budgeting, advertising and distribution of promotional materials and served as a liaison with the staff of Residential Living.

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