May Mini-Mester Special Topics: Product Design & Development

May Mini-Mester – NO PRE-REQUISITE
ART493-41 Undergraduate
ART5830-40 Graduate

This three-credit course is geared to those interested in any or all part of developing, professional practices for artists, and selling your artwork. Students outside of Art and Design are highly encouraged to take this course. There will be options to work alone or develop one product in small artist group. Please encourage your friends to enroll. A few example art products might be ceramic decal design for mugs or tableware blanks, prototyped earrings or jewelry, screen print design for such objects as posters or t-shirts. The artist made and designed products will depend on the skills of the individuals in the course.

The School of Art and Design and 3DU @ Hunter Library team-up to bring high touch / high tech design and thinking through making to WCU in a whole new way. This two week and two day intensive course is designed as a stepping-stone into developing a small company or collaborative of one or many.

The course will cover such topics in workshop, discussion and lecture form with the professor, Heather Mae Erickson from the School of Art and Design, as well through Skype interviews with professional designers:

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Research and Design Board Development
  • Bespoke, Batch, Volume Production, Limited Editions, One Off’s
  • Art and Design Systems and Strategies
  • Creative Storytelling and Problem Solving

 Short Lectures or Demos Might Touch Upon (class will decide due to collective interests):

  • Photo Documentation
  • Logo Design and Packaging of Your Art
  • Website Analytics and Development
  • Professional Practices for Artists and Social Media Strategies
  • Taxes and Small Business Insurance for Artists
  • Networking and Internship Preparation with Professional Artists/Designers
  • Ceramic Casting (if time allows)-For Multiples

 The first store to carry your designs might be the Pop Up Shop at WCU Fine Art Museum. What a great line for your resume!

For more information please contact: Assistant Professor Heather Mae Erickson, School of Art and Design,

Image: Heather Mae Erickson Ceramic Design, assistant professor of ceramics, Western Carolina University

Image: Heather Mae Erickson Ceramic Design, assistant professor of ceramics, Western Carolina University

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