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DoIT News shares instructions on World Backup Day, March 31

“How much of your work can you stand to lose?” asks a March 9 article in the DoIT News publication of WCU’s Division of Information Technology.

wbdThe article points out that World Backup Day is Thursday, March 31, and encourages all computer users on campus to choose and use a method of backing up the data they have entered for safekeeping.

“A crashed operating system from an attacker, corrupted data, a failing hard drive, a laptop left behind or stolen, or even a natural catastrophe could destroy your work,” the article emphasizes. It outlines three different methods for recording data to a backup source: an external device like a hard drive/CD/DVD/flash drive, faculty and staff members’ personal “H” drive, or a cloud storage solution such as OneDrive that is available through the campus Office365 license.

A video about the process, created by IT, can be seen at this link.

For more information about backing up data, see the article or contact IT by calling 828-227-7487 locally or 866-928-7487 toll-free, or through the interface at

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