Rash interviewed on French television program

Ron Rash, WCU’s Parris Distinguished Professor of Appalachian Culture, was interviewed on the French Channel 5 television program “La Grande Librarie” on Friday, Jan. 22.

Ron Rash

Ron Rash

A video of the interview with host Francois Busnel can be seen and heard online; the segment with Rash begins at about one hour and 17 minutes into the program. They discuss his 2005 novel “Saints at the River,” published in French as “Le Chant de Tamassee” (“The Tamassee Song,” naming the fictional South Carolina river around which the novel’s action revolves).

The conversation turned to aspects of environmental concerns versus family needs, an aspect of the plot – based on an actual event – in which a family wishes to recover the body of a girl drowned in the designated wild and scenic river by temporarily stopping its flow, which would violate the law.

“As a writer, I don’t feel it’s my job to advocate a position,” Rash said. “I feel myself more as a witness, and to me it’s a matter of respecting my reader that I show the situation and let the reader – himself or herself – decide the right and the wrong. And I did that; I hope the reader will be affected, as well as the families and the environmentalists.”

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