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WCU community encouraged to participate in Leadership Week activities Nov. 2-6

Registration is ongoing for WCU Leadership Week, a new campuswide initiative scheduled for Monday, Nov. 2, through Friday, Nov. 6.

With a theme “WCU in the World,” the five days will be filled with a variety of activities designed to foster campus, regional, and global leadership through professional development. WCU students, faculty, staff and administrators will have opportunities to:

  • Expand leadership vision through presentations by WCU faculty and staff.
  • Explore opportunities for collaborative leadership on campus and in the community.
  • Find ways to integrate a global perspective into teaching, practice or service leadership.
  • Discover more about personal leadership styles, strengths and potential through expert-guided workshops.
  • Gain insight from internationally recognized keynote speaker Hilary Corna, a former senior executive of Toyota Asia and author of “One White Face.”
  • Get inspired with a first-of-its-kind WCU Leadership Talks video series.

“The professional development opportunities, activities and events associated with WCU Leadership Week are intended to contribute to the flourishing of a broad campus community, one that is grounded in a sense of place, but looking outward toward the region, the state and the world,” said Laura Cruz, director of Coulter Faculty Commons.

More information is available at the event website, Attendance at some sessions will be limited and space is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Participants are encouraged to register early for the most availability.

After registering, participants can begin the WCU Leadership Week by checking in at the Raleigh Room on the second floor of A.K. Hinds University Center, where they will receive a “passport” and agenda for the week’s activities.

“We hope everyone will be encouraged to participate by their classroom instructors or supervisors. The passports are designed so that they can be used to mark attendance,” Cruz said. Faculty and staff who participate may be eligible to include their time as part of WCU’s new professional development certificate program, WCU Works, which will debut this spring. More information on the program will be announced soon by the Office of Human Resources and Payroll.

WCU Leadership Week is an extension and expansion of the highly successful WCU Leadership Day, held in May for the past four years. With WCU’s increasing emphasis on professional development, the shift is timely, Cruz said.

Professional development is one of the ways that WCU communicates to its employees the importance that each person plays on the campus, said Rusty Marts, director of employee relations, training and development. “This importance is reflected in our strategic plan where it says to ‘Ensure professional development opportunities for all employees,’ ” Marts said. “Leadership Week is, indeed, for all employees, regardless of whether you are a formal leader or not. We are all leaders in some fashion or another.”

The theme “WCU in the World” also is a reflection of the university’s strategic priorities, said Jennifer Schiff, assistant professor in the Department of Political Science and Public Affairs, and faculty fellow for global learning. “It’s so important for our students, faculty and staff to be exposed to a diversity of global perspectives,” she said. “International events affect our experiences every day, whether we realize it or not. Leadership decisions made by people across the globe affect the security and economic outlook of every American, and cultural practices from other places inform our own, so it’s important to be aware of those processes and actively participate in them. By helping to bring the world to WCU, we can learn ways to enhance WCU’s impact on the world, and that’s a very exciting possibility.”

WCU Leadership Week is sponsored by the Office of Human Resources and Payroll, Office of Campus Activities and Coulter Faculty Commons.

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