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Artists to create on-site murals at WCU Fine Art Museum

The Fine Art Museum invited four artists to visit WCU to create live-action, on-site murals on four of the museum’s movable, free-standing walls for an exhibit titled “Teetering on the Edge of the Uncanny” that opens Thursday, Sept. 4.

Hannah Dansie, Odditorium mural, photo by Zen Sutherland.

Hannah Dansie, Odditorium mural, photo by Zen Sutherland.

The exhibition of work by artists Gus Cutty, Hannah Dansie, Alli Good and Ian Wilkinson opens with a reception honoring them in the FAM on Sept. 4 from 5 to 7 p.m. The event and admission to the museum to see the exhibit, which runs through Friday, Nov. 7, is free and open to the public.

David J. Brown, FAM director, said it is nearly impossible “to visit any urban area anywhere in the world without finding examples of street art, both sanctioned and illegal.”

“Websites such as the long-standing Wooster Collective and the recent Google Street Art Project serve as roadmaps for accessing some of the more noted examples globally,” said Brown. “The questions that we asked ourselves were: Why not here? How can our students benefit from the artists’ presence? Is there a way that we can also challenge the artists to create something that they have never done before?”

The FAM’s four-sided free-standing walls are typically used as additional wall space or as partitions in exhibition design. After the artists complete their work for the “Teetering” exhibit, the wall works will serve as the sole focus of the exhibition, said Brown.

“Visitors will circulate around them as one would with sculpture,” he said.

Brown also said he envisions the exhibit will be dynamic. “The works will begin a conversation with each other and with our visitors,” he said.

Cutty is a designer and muralist who painted rooftops and walls in the South before moving to San Francisco in 2006. Known for his large-scale spray-painted portraits in Asheville, he has devoted himself to the evolution of portrait and the craft of freehand aerosol work.

Dansie, an Asheville artist originally from northern California, studied fine art at Central Saint Martins University in London, where she graduated with an honors degree in 2004. She works with a variety of mediums and describes herself as a “painter at heart.”

Good has painted pieces for the private collection of members of George Clinton and the P-Funk and designed a tour shirt for the band. Her work has been shown in Asheville, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. She also creates medical illustration, book and magazine illustration, and advertisements.

Wilkinson, director of the Asheville Mural Project, graduated from Governor’s School for the Arts, attended Virginia Commonwealth University and was the lead mural artist for the Holocaust Museum of Virginia. He earned a bachelor’s degree in painting from Adams State University in Colorado. He has been the recipient of state and national grants, and currently teaches in the Asheville City Schools system.

For more information, visit or call 828-227-3591.

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