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WCU Jazz Ensemble releases CD featuring Kat Williams

The Western Carolina University Jazz Ensemble recently released a CD featuring vocalist Kat Williams titled “St. Louis Blues.”

Cover of "St Louis Blues" CD with the music of the WCU Jazz Ensemble featuring Kat Williams

Cover of “St Louis Blues” CD with the music of the WCU Jazz Ensemble featuring Kat Williams

The CD features 10 big band tracks from various eras of jazz and one jazz combo track composed by former WCU student Sean Smith.

“The WCU Jazz Ensemble Featuring Kat Williams presents a rare combination of great music, masterful arrangements and stellar performances not often found on recordings by university bands,” said David C. Nichols, professor emeritus and former director of the graduation program in music at Truman State University, in the liner notes. “The guest artist, Kat Williams, fits perfectly into this model of music making; her remarkable natural talent is now shaped and tempered by her performing experience and knowledge of her genre. To be sure, her style (like that of the WCU Jazz ensemble) is music of the mind, but it is much more than that – it is music of the soul.”

Proceeds from the sale of the CDs will benefit music scholarships. The cost of the CD is $10. Shipping costs are not included.

CDs can be purchased from Sheila Frizzell in School of Music office, Coulter 253, or call 828-227-7242. For more information about the CD, contact Pavel Wlosok, assistant professor of jazz, at 828-227 3261 or

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